Sunday, May 31, 2009

On the killing of George Tiller

I'm pretty sad about the whole deal. I'm sad for the person who wrongly thought it was his or her duty or right to kill another person, in a crowded area no less, (the news article I read said that he was killed while ushering at church-- did this person open fire in a church??) I'm sad for George Tiller; as far as I'm concerned, and it seems by objective standards, he was a monster. I remember reading about his Wichita clinic years ago and learning about how, after the abortion procedure, they'll let the parents hold the baby and have a lock of his or her hair, have foot and hand prints done, and I think even photographs if applicable. And they'll even have a funeral. Completely sickening; not because the baby doesn't deserve the funeral, (because surely that person deserves a proper burial,) but just because of the warped understanding of what's taking place. The babies aren't dying from natural causes but from the desire of the parents. Tiller was not an OB who happened to also perform abortions from time to time, but he was the most famous abortionist since he encouraged these procedures at any gestational age. He was famous for partial-birth abortions... That is so horrifying. I'm sad for his soul--that he most likely died unrepentant with all those gruesome killings on his hands. I'm sad for the pro-life movement, because surely many will use this condemnable act as a way to ignore the real arguments of this issue, and we don't need this unassociated diversion.
Thank you, Fr. Pavone, for all of your hard work.
For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

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