Monday, January 19, 2009

Christianity as superstition?

Lately, more and more, I've heard those not partial to religious belief describe it as "superstition" or as a "hobby." Mind you, this is done with complete compassion and condescension. One professor, quoted in the film Expelled, referred to religious belief as "knitting" and that he wouldn't want to take that away from anybody, but at the same time God does not exist and so, while you may keep that hobby of yours that is comforting and recreational, know that it has no bearing on reality.
I think that it is a common trait of "humanness" to have superstitious thought or contrive pieces of a belief system to attain some comfort, regardless of the worldview; however! Magisterial Christian theology and morality is absolutely NOT based on being comforted, at least not in the "knitting" sort of way. There is great paradoxical comfort. In giving of your self, you receive. In dying to self, you gain eternal life. Looking to the stars to determine your future is completely different than acknowledging and behaving in a way that underscores the reality that your decisions have an impact in your life and the life of others and given that, we have some ultimate responsibilities. Fulfilling these responsibilities is in no way a recreational activity. It seems to me that the 'godless' view is the cop-out. What did atheism ever do for anybody?

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