Friday, October 3, 2008

What I thought about Joe Biden...

(Photo: JP II with Joe Biden and his wife Jill in the early 80s)
Ray and I watched the VP Debate last night in the company of some Papa John's pizza. I started out feeling nervous for Sarah Palin, but in the end was glad that she was able to do the job she was hired for. I have a lot of respect for mothers, for mothers with lots of kids, for mothers with lots of kids and blossoming careers, and for mothers with lots of kids and blossoming careers and a child with special needs---and I haven't even gotten to political or religious ideology.
What interested me most about this debate is that I was able to become more familiar with Joe Biden. I knew very little about him previously, outside of knowing his dangerously precarious place in the Church and his Democratic VP Nominee acceptance speech. I was generally pleased with his performance (and his sparkling smile) and was left with a sinking sorrow for him.
For one, the accidental death of his spouse and daughter is one of the most horrifying things a person can go through and I was moved to see his emotional recollection of the loss. I also felt sorry for him that he was the VP nominee and not the actual P nominee! It seems like it would be difficult to play Number 2 to a younger, less experienced, but more media-friendly politician, especially if you had made uncomplimentary comments about him during the primaries.
But my main thought centered around this idea that Joe Biden is my brother in Christ, albeit a disobedient one. He has been marked with that indelible mark of the grace of Baptism, (just like Sarah Palin!) and I feel moved to pray for this brother to fully return home, in understanding, in trust, in obedience. I still can't vote for him, but I can pray for him.

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