Monday, October 13, 2008

Dura Realidad

Wow. I recently watched the video Dura Realidad in English and I almost threw-up on Ray's desk. It is so horrific. Can something be too horrific for viewing? While I agree with the truth being told, especially in the case of abortion, I think it is disrespectful of that actual human life, that person, that prenatal child, to display their brutally murdered remains in the general public as at ProLife marches. I want my child to participate in social action, such as vigils and marches, but viewing graphic material should be at the discretion of the parent. However, a video like Dura Realidad, is prefaced with a warning and not in the open for small children's eyes to see, so why do I still feel like there's something wrong with it? Is it just because it is so hard to believe??
It has been important for the public to see images from the Holocaust so that they can understand exactly what the prisoners went through, or to see footage from Rwanda to understand what the people had to endure-- in hopes that history will not repeat itself by urging people to compassion and action. I pray that anti-abortion videos/photographs do not fall on deaf ears or blind eyes. May I resist the temptation to despair and may I be more motivated to persist in prayer and action in support of the families that have suffered from this atrocity and for the prenatal child to be protected from it.
St. Gerard, pray for us! (the patron saint of mothers and preborn babies-- feast day this Thursday, Oct 16)

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