Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I've been thinking a lot about the word "freedom." I hear it through news sources with regards to the campaigns & politics and in my religion classes when we talk about the Will. I remember being in High School and reading some work of John Paul II (the Great!) and learning that freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want, but the ability to do good. Boy, did that influence my young adult life!
[sidenote: I've gotten up 3 times just in those few sentences to referee a fight, distribute Doritos, (after having a debate as to whether or not they are kosher-- Sophia's friend is a practicing Jew), and last but not least, made cups of cranberry pomegranate juice.]
Today I came across this further idea on the nature of freedom, (and from the eighth grade's religion book no less!) that real freedom is freedom inside of reality, not freedom from reality. Hmm... If I had the book in front of me, I'd post the actual passage, (maybe I'll add that at a later date.) I thought about this as my class wrote an essay on the Sacraments of Initiation. So I thought, when abortion is promoted, freedom is not being promoted, as pro-abortionists would like to claim, because it's asking for something that is outside of reality. It's trying to deny that there is a real, live human being that also requires freedom. Denying reality doesn't make you free to decide. It makes you free to lie and be lost. Hmm...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bumper stickers

I tried finding images on the web of these bumper stickers because I thought the visual would be funnier, but, alas, I could not find them and my time for blogging is running out. Dan and I have an affinity for good bumper stickers and these have been my favorite ones:

I love animals: They are delicious

I love my German Shepherd: Pope Benedict XVI

and, last, but not least,

Have you hugged your choice today?

Let me know if you have any good ones to share. It makes up for all those crappy ones I have to look at in traffic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attachment in Psychotherapy

Yes, I finally finished another book. It is hard for me to look at my nightstand or my VisualBookShelf on Facebook and see books I have yet to finish. I would love to be able to sit down and read a book cover to cover, like I was able to pre-children; I do not consider myself to have read a book unless I have read all the forewords, prologues, and endnotes. However, in this state of life, the variety of books reflects all the different needs and constraints I experience. Sometimes I need something spiritually uplifting, (which is usually, interestingly enough, very grounding,) or sometimes I need a voyeuristic look into someone's juicy vignette of experience, or just something cold and intellectual when I've been chasing young children all day. I need something I can read that is clear and succinct when I have just five minutes of respite or something that is indulgently involved when I have an unadulterated evening of quiet. (And as you might have been able to guess, the latter is quite rare...) Aaaah, books.
So, on to this notch in my bedpost: What I liked about this book is that it appealed to both the aspiring professional in me and the sometimes wary, sometimes convicted therapy patient. It is a book of both pleasure and business.
Unfortunately, as usual, I don't have time to really parse the material for the particularly powerful episodes in the writer's therapeutic experience or the solid clinical analyses that further the work of attachment theory in psychotherapy, despite every other sentence being covered in highlighter! Just know they exist!! I will end with the final paragraph of the book which sums up why this topic is even important (p 338):
"Through fostering these skills, psychotherapy when it is effective yields a new experience of security that can benefit every patient. But in relation to patients who have (or will have) children, the contribution of the therapist may well go much further, for it has the potential to break the chain of disadvantage that tends to burden each successive generation with the insecurity and trauma of the generations that have come before."

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This year's Feminine Genius

Sweet Lady Friends, let's go to this together! It's a beautiful morning at the Piedmont Driving Club. Saturday, November 15th!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All-American Heroes

Aunt Katydid and Uncle Duckie

Paul and Kate have been doing fabulously with their graduate work at Chicago's art institute. I'll post a photograph of them that made it into the New York Times as soon as I can get my hands on it.
Until then, you can see their work on their website.


Not bad...

Obama & Pelosi

a short news posting with Obama trying to get his foot out of his mouth and a reference to Pelosi's idiotic comment...