Monday, August 25, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

Now that school has started, I rarely have time for movies, much less writing about them, or scoping out an adequate visual representation. Therefore, I will just list the title and the shorter version of the usccb's review. (Do I need permission to use these??)

Droll portrait of the unlikely friendship between a homeless veteran (Owen Wilson) and the three high school misfits (Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile and David Dorfman) who hire him as a bodyguard to protect them from a malevolent bully (Alex Frost) and his thuggish sidekick (Josh Peck). Director Steven Brill's film, produced by the prolific Judd Apatow, emphasizes its titular character's evolution from con man to caring mentor, and his young clients' search for courage and solidarity, but dialogue rife with vulgar terms and a problematic central love story make it appropriate fare only for the mature. Brief rear nudity, implied premarital sex, frequent crude and pervasive crass language, six uses of profanity, and drug and pornography references. A-III -- adults. (PG-13) 2008

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