Monday, August 25, 2008

PS I Love You

Uneven but ultimately touching and well acted love story about a woman (Hilary Swank) who loses her Irish husband (Gerard Butler) to a brain tumor, but is guided through the stages of grief by letters he wrote for her before he died, and arranged to have periodically delivered. Writer-director Richard LaGravenese's film seems contrived at first, but slowly builds in interest as its heroine goes through her healing journey, helped by her girlfriends (Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon) and two men who take a romantic interest in her (Harry Connick Jr. and Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Moderate conversational expletives and crass expressions, one nonmarital and a couple of marital nongraphic bedroom scenes and casual acceptance of the former, some sexual banter and passing homosexual references, and brief rear male nudity. The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is A-III -- adults. (PG-13) 2007

Definitely Maybe

Carefully wrought romantic comedy, albeit with some problematic material, in which an advertiser (Ryan Reynolds) on the verge of divorce recounts to his inquiring daughter (Abigail Breslin) how he chose her mother from among the three women (Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher) he had once been dating. Writer-director Adam Brooks' generally well-written, often touching film is most suitable for mature viewers. Implied nonmarital sexual activity and cohabitation, some profanity, frank sexual talk and crass language, divorce theme, lesbian reference and political pro-choice allusion. A-III -- adults. (PG-13) 2008

Drillbit Taylor

Now that school has started, I rarely have time for movies, much less writing about them, or scoping out an adequate visual representation. Therefore, I will just list the title and the shorter version of the usccb's review. (Do I need permission to use these??)

Droll portrait of the unlikely friendship between a homeless veteran (Owen Wilson) and the three high school misfits (Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile and David Dorfman) who hire him as a bodyguard to protect them from a malevolent bully (Alex Frost) and his thuggish sidekick (Josh Peck). Director Steven Brill's film, produced by the prolific Judd Apatow, emphasizes its titular character's evolution from con man to caring mentor, and his young clients' search for courage and solidarity, but dialogue rife with vulgar terms and a problematic central love story make it appropriate fare only for the mature. Brief rear nudity, implied premarital sex, frequent crude and pervasive crass language, six uses of profanity, and drug and pornography references. A-III -- adults. (PG-13) 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Taut, though rather cold, remake of the 1972 film based on Anthony Shaffer's Broadway and West End hit play about a wealthy mystery writer (Michael Caine) who engages his wife's lover (Jude Law) in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Director Kenneth Branagh expertly sustains suspense, and his leads -- Caine switching roles from the earlier film -- are superb, though playwright Harold Pinter's radical and deft reworking of the original is peppered with expletives, and has one extended sequence with a strongly homoerotic undercurrent. Much rough and crude language and some profanity, violence, torture, adultery theme, frank sexual talk and strong innuendo, some of a homosexual nature. L -- limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling. (R) 2007

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Goofy Kids

They have been loving school so far. Oliver now knows the names for squares and triangles, although he gets them mixed up. Sophia has a new fascination with badgers. I don't know where it comes from. Perhaps Sam mentioned them. I don't think there are any badgers in Georgia... I should post the picture she has me pull up on google images every night before she goes to bed. It is pretty scary!
Oliver likes for me to talk to his broccoli before he will eat it. Sophia memorized her first poem. Oliver always wants a cheese sandwich in his lunch box. Sophia prefers peanut butter and sometimes wants jam, too. Oliver calls Sophia "Sia," (and now we do.) Sophia calls Oliver "Baby." We call him that as well even though he's not quite a baby any more.
Stay tuned for more updates...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We've reached DAY 30

and still no ice...