Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Melissa and I were finally able to spend some time together, not necessarily alone, but I guess well enough alone. I tried to plan our "date" during nap time so that the children would be "occupied." And it kinda worked... unfortunately, I was a little bit of a space case from prior incidences that morning. Sophia was "doing ballet" when she stepped on a CandyLand figure and it dug a chunk out of her heel. It is quite hard for this blood-phobic mom to deal with such injuries, but I did it while taking care of her physical and "feelings" pain. (Yes, I know I'm using quotation marks a lot...)
So Melissa arrived, we went to Blockbuster and Publix and when we returned we made a delicious lunch of Tuna Helper (now with extra cheese topping!) with peas, a meal only Melissa and I can appreciate. The kids went down for their nap. This means that Sophia sat in bed coloring, calling me intermittenly, and Oliver passed out on a pile of trains in his bed. (So I let them have toys in their bed! It's my insurance for getting a few moments for myself!)
As far as the movie goes, it was a cute young chick flick. I'll post the usccb review before my own.

Tender, if at times overly sentimental, teen drama about four lifelong friends (Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn) who spend their first summer apart, during which they experience life-changing adolescent ordeals, but remain linked by a shared pair of magical denim jeans. Directed by Ken Kwapis from the bestseller by Ann Brashares and with spirited performances by the quartet of young actresses, the film, despite its bubblegum title and breezy Judy Blume veneer, tackles heavy issues like divorce, death and teen sexuality (which may be inappropriate for younger teens) and ultimately imparts a life-affirming message about friendship and family. An implied sexual encounter and sexual innuendo, some mature thematic elements, including one character's loss of virginity, as well as sporadic mildly crude language. A-II -- adults and adolescents. (PG) 2005

My favorite part of the movie was hanging out on the couch and eating cookies with Melissa--- but I don't know if that counts? :) As for the actual movie content, it was entertaining and engaged desires within me that have been dormant for a while... My yearning for Greece has returned. Maybe Ray and I should go back to being "vacation owners" so we can take that cruise to Greece and Turkey... I was also left with some pining for a "normal" adolescence, something Melissa and I could both relate to. The characters seem a bit caricatured with the emo-filmmaker, the jock hottie, the feisty Latina, and the modest waif, but I think their chemistry on screen did a lot to downplay that. All in all, the theme throughout the movie was sisterhood and sharing those parts of life in which we are vulnerable and need that understanding, feminine shoulder to lean on. It caused me to reflect back in gratitude to those times when Melissa was there for me in High School, comforting me after abusive interactions with [name withheld], showing up to my work with a sweet card in hopes of cheering me up, being there for me when my parents got divorced, etc. We had our own smart-white-girls-from-Riverdale-who-can-dance sisterhood. I hope we can see the sequel together.
Here are some photos I found of Melissa and I from freshmen in high school to freshmen in college. :)

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