Monday, July 28, 2008


As it happened, Sophia was having Senna spend the night and they were cuddled up in their sleeping bags on the floor. I heard Sophia shriek and I inquired. She claimed that a crab was under her bed, (she was laying in reach of her bedskirt.) I did the obligatory look and scan and reassured her that I saw nothing and that she was safe. At best, she was fantasizing as she tends to do and at worst, she saw a bug.
A couple of days later, Sophia pulled her dollhouse above-ground-pool out from under her bed and she brought it to me and said, "Here's the crab!" And lo and behold, there was a crab, dead as can be, but a definitely a beach dwelling creature, (I did some research and found out it was a brown crab--see photo.) I am amazed for one, that it must have stowed away in our things when we left the beach, (there were many wildlife sightings on that trip,) and that my sharp-as-a-tack daughter was right all along. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised by that. She sometimes runs circles around us. And after all those times of telling her there was nothing under her bed... She might doubt me now.

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Dr J said...

Yikes! No wonder Senna likes to go to your house. It's exciting! Of course I'm sure she slept through the whole thing.