Sunday, March 30, 2008


Delightful musical romance follows a maiden (the sparkling Amy Adams) from the world of animated fairy tales into contemporary, live-action Manhattan where she falls in love with a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey), despite the entreaties of her princely suitor (James Marsden) and the meddling of an evil queen (Susan Sarandon). With affection and wit, director Kevin Lima and his team gently spoof the cartoon fairy-tale genre on which Disney built its reputation, never losing sight of its traditional values and perennial charms. A few scary images, some sexual innuendo and a brief instance of scatological humor. A-I -- general patronage. (PG) 2007
HA! This review uses my new word... scatological... see below for definition. Sophia watched this movie on youtube while I cleaned the office. So excluding having to see it in 11 installments and missing some parts here and there, I have to say that the movie was enjoyable, if not sometimes predictable. Amy Adams did a great job at portraying a princess from the cartoon world with gesticulations and vocal mannerisms that Sophia thought were delightful. The music is also catchy and fun.


Dr J said...

You seemed to have started a trend. Scatology is now an internet buzz word. Try googling "male bovine scatology", which I think we should henceforth abbreviate m.b.s.

e said...

omg. I just got this. "Bull Shit." Derrrrrr.