Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dan in Real Life

Steve Carrell shines as the widowed father of three girls who takes them to a family reunion at his parents' rambling house in Rhode Island, and while there falls in love with an empathetic woman (Juliette Binoche) he meets in a bookstore, only to learn she's the girlfriend of his younger brother (Dane Cook). Also on the plus side of director Peter Hedges' leisurely paced, likable but only mildly amusing film are the positive depiction of Carrell's large, loving family, and the almost total lack of objectionable elements. But the basic setup seems contrived, the ostensible romance earthbound, and the formulaic script not terribly funny. Mild innuendo. A-II -- adults and adolescents. (PG-13) 2007

Of course, I love Juliette Binoche and Steve Carrell. It's a cute story line. I felt for the character, though, like with Ben Stiller, it makes me uncomfortable to see someone treated so badly or have it so bad. Dane Cook is funny. I like him when he's less crude. I recommend this film. :)

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