Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Brave One

Ok, so I am going to cheat a little bit, due to my time and brain constraints, and give the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' review on the movies from now on. I realized that I check this anyway, so why not put it down for your reading pleasure. You can look up, like, every movie known to man and they have viewed and reviewed it. They are always spot on. I love it. This is the abridged version; they give full length reviews, too.
I'll give a little bit of my impression of the movie after theirs...

The Brave One -- Finely wrought but ultimately troubling tale of a radio personality (Jodie Foster) who gradually becomes a vigilante after her fiance (Naveen Andrews) is killed and she herself grievously wounded in an attack in New York's Central Park, and of her complex relationship with a police detective (Terrence Howard) who is determined to hunt down the vigilante. An unsettling meditation on the effects of fear -- and of its absence -- director Neil Jordan's film has virtually every element of a great work of art -- except, ultimately, a steadfast commitment to humane values. Brutal violence with blood and gore, some graphic sexual activity, rear and upper female nudity, outbursts of extremely rough language, and frequent crude and crass language. O -- morally offensive. (R) 2007

This was not my kind of movie, as you may have been able to surmise. BUT, it was worth if for Sayid...

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