Friday, February 29, 2008

Franz Liszt

My family and I went to the Cathedral tonight for the Stations of the Cross. The Cathedral Choir performed Liszt's Via Crucis to accompany the meditations-- and the cathedral was completely dark. It was so beautiful. If they do it again next year, those of you who missed it, need to come. It's one of the pearls of having to live in Atlanta and deal with unrelenting traffic and thick, smoggy air-- we have great opportunities in art. I was most emotionally moved by hearing the Stabat Mater of course. Lacrimosa could only mean one thing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Glenn Miller Story

I borrowed this movie from Leslie and had to watch it in several installments at night while I did laundry. I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of this movie before. I adore his music (for listening or dancing!). I was even able to attend a Glenn Miller Orchestra function (with Tejada) out in Athens and, being a naive college girl, was uncompletely underdressed.
It is very charming and, of course, has a great soundtrack! It is a little slow, but an interesting biopic nonetheless. I love earlier films-- much classier!
The wardrobe was great, too. I wish I could always wear tea-length dresses and small white gloves.
The Glenn Miller Orchestra performs every year at Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Ray and I want to make it up there for our own 1940's weekend...