Monday, January 14, 2008


Wow. This movie was awesome, though completely too gory for me. No wonder Mel Gibson has problems; he's a genius-- don't lots of real geniuses have a hard time living in the real world? :)
The hero Jaguar Paw is perfect. Cleverly, his intense masculinity is portrayed in his feelings and reactions and persistence instead of an overt masculine stature. For me, the focus is on his interior life, (while he does have an idyllic face and body.) I just wished he hadn't tricked his brother into eating tapir testicles...
His wife was beautiful and there is an amazing birthing scene. Her character also came across as complimentary expression of the feminine person, (and complementary!)
I also liked the portrayal of the natives. They were given true human characteristics with the capability of being harmonious and genuine, but also oppressive and self-seeking to the point of committing human sacrifices. They weren't caricatured into noble savages who knew no evil until the white man had arrived...

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