Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Dreams May Come

So there is a cute story behind this movie. Back in October of 1998, October 11th to be exact-- there was a cute, young man seeing this movie on his birthday in Kansas City and was left reflecting on the existence of "soul mates." Meanwhile, one time zone away, a young woman, who vehemently protested the idea of soul mates, (as it seemingly denied the reality of love being a decision,) was viewing the same movie in a dark Athens theater with a Brazilian guy who pretended he couldn't speak English (when it was convenient for him.)
Later that evening, inspired in KC, Ray decided to venture out and see who he could meet via cyberspace. (He might tell this story differently...) And I was online... and I'll leave it at that. So, I am now comfortable with the idea of soul mates, seeing now that real love and this idea are not mutually exclusive. You still have to make that decision, that commitment, every day, to love your soul mate; perhaps that special connection just makes it a little easier.
As for the movie itself, anyone who knows me and has seen the movie would know what I think about it... (funny that almost 10 years ago, I got something completely different from the movie-- so much for studying philosophy and religion!)
I appreciated the movie's artful literary aspirations and that it acknowledged that souls, heaven, and hell actually exist. On the other hand, our physical body has immense value. The physical world is inherently good. Our soul is unique and valuable. We would lose that if we reincarnated and lost awareness and connection to our self (then who actually is the "self"?) Oh, heretical Hollywood, what a tangled web you weave...

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