Monday, November 19, 2007

Reign Over Me

This was the weekend for emotion-ridden movies! Jenny, Ray, and I rented this one and it was worth it-- the 2 hours and the $4.99.
Adam Sandler does a great job. I prefer him in serious roles. Don Cheadle is awesome as always. Again, another movie set in NYC.
Sandler is believable, but sometimes verged on the schizophrenic-- if I'm using that label correctly-- which is supposed to not happen in times of stress and grief; I thought it was something one has had their whole life, but I don't really know...
I appreciate how the writers/director didn't try to capitalize on September 11th; they indirectly hinted at it which I think was more powerful than relying on the images of that day and just engaging the imagination.
I also appreciated the depiction of friendship being a mutual exchange of support and encouragement for change and progress.

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