Thursday, November 22, 2007


This Thanksgiving, we had dinner at my house and were joined by my dad, Jamie, Chris, her boyfriend, Priscilla, Austin, and Dan. I made ratatouille, dilled carrots, creamed corn, and garlic green beans. Everything was quite tasty! Dan helped a lot with the ratatouille, so that is most likely why it turned out so successfully. (plus, I added some Tony Chechere's (sp?)) We also had turkey, of course, and stuffing, rolls, and Jamie made a great sweet potato dish--loved the chunks of sweet potato!! Ah, beta carotene.
After dinner, we watched Ratatouille, the movie, as I love Pixar films and it has become a tradition to watch one as a [larger] family, (last year was Cars.) And I enjoyed the movie-- my favorite part was having Dan or Ray laughing on either side of me. The movie was cute with great voices and talented writing, like all of their work. I didn't connect with it as much as Finding Nemo or The Incredibles, (but I think the familial content in those films is what gets me and this didn't have as much of that...) But it was fun to view a movie that appealed to all ages groups.
For dessert, we had vanilla ice cream, chocolate raspberry cake, and strawberry shortcake. I had too much of that!
Billy came over and the men and Priscilla played poker while I chased children around. I got to talk to my mom, Ray's parents, and Chricchi. And, the children finally went to bed!
Dan, Ray, Billy, and I played Cranium. And guess who won; that's right! The unbeatable combo of Billy & Erika! Of course, later we realized that we weren't exactly playing the game right-- but we, as a team, are unstoppable! That also happened with Jenny and I-- we can read each other very well. So, boom! Eat that Ray-winner-of-every-freakin'-board-game-we-play-Lindholm!
It's late; I should end now before I get into trouble!

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