Monday, November 19, 2007

18 December 1998

photo: California, 1999

(In honor of my and Ray's fifth wedding anniversary, I thought I would leave an old journal entry I came across; please forgive errors!)

18 December 1998
This might seem odd. But I guess today I have great gratitude for innovation--for the curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills God gives us. Specifically for those who this gift was granted--for those who invented the telephone. If it weren't for the telephone--I'd have 1/2 of my life...Luckily, I am not too far from those I love--but for those who are separated from loved ones by thousands of miles--the phone must bring some consolation. I've been speaking with a brilliant man named Raymond via Internet and telephone. He's wonderful-- and if it weren't for the telephone--I'd never be able to experience God's gifts that are so prevalent in him. Through these wires I have become closer to him and I feel there is a possibility that this closeness might change my life...electricity and sound > the sound of voices...through this life is inspired, shared, enjoyed. My spirit is touched by love and comfort.

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