Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sal Grosso

For Ray's birthday, I took him to Sal Grosso. I figured I couldn't lose with Ray and a place that serves all you can eat meat on sticks. I have to say the meat was delicious! I loved the Fillet Mignon. Ray preferred the leg of lamb. I appreciated the hot and cold salad bar, though, the mashed potatoes could have been thicker and more flavorful, (I am a mashed potatoes connoisseur.) The drinks were EXPENSIVE. $10 a piece and you're never given a menu, so you don't know how much anything costs.
The best part was the business cards they put on your table. One side is red, the other green. If the red side is up, they will pass you by with the meat; if the green side is showing, they know to stop at your table and serve you. Well, I fidget and this led to several times of having to say yes to meat in order to not piss off any gauchos. The first time it happened I said, "Oops, accident!" And he didn't seem very happy, though Ray said he didn't care. So from then on, if it happened, I just said "yes" and stuffed down some delicious meat that there was no room for. In conclusion, I recommend this restaurant chain, just don't fill up on the salad bar so you can eat more meat! (And keep your hands off the cards!)

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