Saturday, October 13, 2007

Down To Earth

So I was sitting up late one night ironing clothes for Ray which will now be a common occurrence since he now works in an office and I turned the tube on to keep me company. We only have like 5 channels, so my options were limited. I caught a glimpse of Chris Rock and thought, "can't be too bad..."
I guess it can. As the movie progressed, I remembered that I had seen it already and therefore any redeeming qualities that it might have possessed, like suspense, had withered away with each lame one-liner about some overused racial stereotype. AND, I'm not too fond of Wanda Sykes. Chris Rock is funny alone, though mostly due to his goofy grin and fool-hearty enthusiasm. I guess my real gripe with the movie was the lame amalgamation of after-death beliefs... a perennialist's concluding mess. And some lame New Age propaganda about us not being our bodies, but our spirits. Last time I checked I was an embodied soul. Physical and spiritual. "The color of your skin, the city you're from, the way you talk, your gender" (paraphrasing here) IS important. It is part of who you are, if you take these things away, what are you left with? Surely you should not be judged by characteristics alone, but you don't wake up in the morning and "put on" your body and choose which personal history would go well with the shoes. I wonder what these writers would think of Theology of the Body? For this movie, I say don't waste your time, unless it's 1 am and you're ironing clothes and you've forgotten that silence is golden.

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