Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekend Wedding Trip

So I will be leaving, hopefully, at 6 AM to head on out to Arkansas where Jenny is getting married. It'll be in a beautiful mountain town called Eureka Springs. I look forward to the trip, even though long car rides with the kids aren't always pleasant and 18-wheelers make me nervous. I've never been to AR or to Birmingham, Memphis, or Little Rock--which we'll pass through.
Shaka is coming with us and I'm sure he'll be a life saver with all that has to be done and with all the fun there is to have.
I can't wait to see Jenny's new house and meet Mundo's family.
I'll fill in when I return; in the meantime, I thought this image would tell all there is to know about Arkansas.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A first time for everything

Did you know that most people eat chicken skin? This is news to me. Ray thinks it's funny that I 1) don't eat the skin and 2) didn't think that anyone else did either. (Guess the world is made up of more than just me and Reagan...)
So tonight, for the first time, I tasted the skin of my chicken breast. Brendan grilled a fabulous chicken so it was the most opportune time to try. And I have to say it wasn't bad. It wasn't as good as bacon, of course. There is a lot of flavor in the skin but the texture is a turn-off. I think I'll stick to peeling it back and discarding it on the side of my plate.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Identity Theft

Mongolian Ping Pong

I thought I could keep track of the movies I get to see via this site as well. I'm in the process of making Tuna Casserole, so this will be short. The kids get cranky when they're hungry.
So I recently saw Mongolian Ping Pong and I enjoyed it. I would recommend this film, particularly if you are acquainted with young boys.
There are breath-taking landscapes and the film appears to be just of moving photographs. (Though I was a little distracted at the speed of film they used. It's not the usual cinematic film.)
It has a charming quality that is created by the use of indirect allusions that is characteristic of pastoral Asian culture.
Unfortunately, I watched this movie while the kids were up and moving around so I missed some pieces, so I would definitely watch it again if anyone is interested!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Why does bacon have to taste so good? I can't believe it. In reality, it is completely disgusting, but in the mouth, it is oh, so delicious.
I wish I didn't like it, but I do.
There, I've said it. Now I can go on with life.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mothers and War

For this entry, I was inspired by Sally Field's acceptance speech at the Emmy's. I didn't watch the Emmy's, but heard about her censored comments, so I looked it up on youtube-- I got the uncensored version. God bless that funny website.
But, it got me thinking... what is this generally accepted notion that women are equipped with some ability to avoid war? While, women, as a whole, being less aggressive than men, could be less likely to engage in violence, there are some characteristics of women that would lend themselves to being just as prone as men--particularly if the woman is a mother.
Mothers are wired to protect their children. And most will do so at any cost. There is a strong inclination in defending their territory as well. I can't even put a sign on the door to discourage moms from walking through my group meeting without being put on the brink of war. Perhaps women can be more discreet. Perhaps their cold stares are more effective and perhaps they can get the job done faster, more efficiently--because they're better at multi-tasking. But, I do not see that if mothers ran the world that we would not be at war. No need to look to Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, or Golda Meir, just watch moms in the car pool line...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Entry

OK, so I have ventured into the blogosphere... and I feel pretty indifferent seeing as how I will not be leaving words of wit or profound passages. I'll leave that to my ingenius friends who truly contribute in this medium.
But, this seems to suit me more than myspace which I realize only contributed to my vanity by having pictures of my good hair days and my beautiful family in order to prove myself to those who would have assumed less... So! Enough of that and some more of this.
I have several journals for different reasons, one for each child, one for Ray, one for meditations, but this will be my recreational place. I guess we'll see how far it goes.